Songs Wanted For Films & Major TV Shows


We are currently searching for unsigned bands, artists, songwriters & composers of any style, any genre - Rock, Rap, Folk, Country, Pop, R&B & More.

Whereas, it is currently the policy of all major film & TV show producers not to accept unsolicited material, we work hand in hand with a company, which has an ongoing relationship with them. Having real access to the right people who have the power to place your music in film and television, this is the company that you will be dealing with at the end. Our job is finding music that has potential to be accepted. If your song is accepted, we’ll be giving you the contact information, which at that time you’ll be contacted & receive a contract. Please note, you will not be obligated to accept the contract if you choose not to.

. is a music screening company for film & television. We carefully listen to each & every song you send us. If your music has potential, we will call or e-mail you with the contact information.

Remember, taking your music into the TV & film industry is no small task. The competition is fierce and there are thousands of incredibly talented people standing in your way. You need a way to stand out from the crowd – a way to make your music heard above all the rest. We can help you to do just that.

The deal that you make is only for the song(s) that are picked. It does not include all of your music or anything new that you are working on. This is a great opportunity for promoting your music, also allowing you the opportunity to make a great income. Another benefit is that the use of your music for films or prime time shows will look good on your biography, if you’re looking to get a major record deal with a big label.

NOTE: You must have the current sound, along with good quality recordings. We do not accept lyrically explicit and/or offensive material. At this time we are not accepting instrumental music. Your music must contain lyrics.

Important Note: We do not return your CD or any other material that you send us. Never send "the only copy" of your master.

Please send all CDs & correspondence to the following address, or you can e-mail your MP3 files to . Please include complete contact information.
269 S. Beverly Dr., Suite 3000
Beverly Hills, CA 90212-3807

NOTE: At the present time, we have many requests for Pop and Alternative Rock Songs. Please send your material for immediate review.


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